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To serve God by delivering quality care to help people achieve optimal health.
Dr. Kristine L. Strawniak Phone: 419-795-1197  General Email:  townandcountrypr@verizon.net Billing Questions Email: townandcountrybilling@frontier.com
We have massage therapists on staff full time Monthly newsletters are available each month in the office or by email.
The most common misconception about chiropractic care is that it only helps back and neck pain.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Although chiropractors can certainly help those suffering from neck and back pain, these patients represent a small fraction of the patients seen in an Upper Cervical Doctor's office.  Countless patients suffering from a variety of conditions have had their health restored by upper cervical care. This relatively 'new approach' affirms the scientific fact that the human body is a self- healing organism directly controlled and coordinated by the central nervous system which is protected by your skull and spine.  The nervous system is responsible for all communication within the body - controlling emotions, vision, hearing balance, breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, muscle tension, posture, hormones, glandular, and other functions.  This knowledge explains why irritation or pressure within the central nervous system interrupts communication to the body and causes a variety of health problems.  The Theory is Simple Our general theory of practice is simply one of cause and effect. for every effect - the symptoms that result from mental and physical ailments - there has to be a cause.  As Upper Cervical Doctors, we focus our efforts in finding that cause and correcting it.  This allows your body to heal naturally rather than temporarily cover up your symptoms - with potentially will do damage as you age. For more about Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic check out: www.kcucs.com upcspine.com uppercervical.org Credentials of Dr. Kristine L. Strawniak Undergraduate degree from U. of Pittsburgh Logan College of Chiropractic - Bachelors Degree in Human Biology Doctorate of Chiropractic- Palmer Chiropractic college, Iowa with .....additional education for Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic - ............knee/chest technique (Kale)
We Now Have 2 Locations to Serve You. We are located on Hwy 707w  -128 Drake St. Mendon OH -across from the water tower. We are on State Route 118. 391 N Eastern St.  St. Henry OH 118 turns into Eastern in St. Henry. 
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