Life with an Exceptional View Town and Country Specific Chiropractic Testimonials from a few of our patients.   We would love to add yours too! "Dr. Strawniak is wonderful! I can sleep now, sit and move without pain! In just 5 adjustments I couldn't believe the changes. Prior to that time, I was on painkillers all day long. After seeing the doctor I realized that I was no longer putting my leg up for comfort and no longer took extra pain pills to sleep. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have had this pain in my leg for the last 20 years. I was given no definite diagnosis. The answer was 'just take painkillers and anti-depressants", so I did, and was using them consistently.After a while, I could not cut the pain with anything. I can now lean down to pick up my purse. The pain prior to coming to the doctor was excruciating. I had tried chiropractic but Town and Country Specific Chiropractic was different from the very first adjustment. I experienced less pain initaially. This is how life is supposed to be. I am slowly decreasing my pharmaceuticals. I feel great! My family and friends say "Wow, you are nicer!" I am now "present' in my life. I'm laughing - I'm happy!" Rajean H. 44***********************"I came because I have 4 herniated discs. I am not feeling pretty good. I have always had pain in my mid-low back. I'm not in pain all the time now and I can actually sleep all the way through thte night. I was sleeping soon after Dr. Strawniak began adjusting me. I haven't taken any painkillers for a long time. I feel good about find Town and County Chiropractic. " Alton G. 20***********************"I was sitting still in my car and a van with a trailer hit me and then another hit that one. They had to use the Jaws of Life to get me out. When I turned my neck it popped and cracked and I hurt my left hip very badly. I couldn't lie on that side of a very long time. I was adjusted by Dr. Strawniak and I can walk now without pain. I have days that it is hard for me to get around since that accident but my adjustments keep me mobile. I am doing really well and I do not know what I would do without Town and Country Chiropractic. A friend introduced me to this practice and carried me in the door. The doctor has done a wonderful job and I recommend her to everyone. She keeps me in good condition and in line from my neck to my hip so that my life is easier. " Mary M - 84*************************"Now, I feel great! Previously I had migraine headaches every day and was miserable. I realized in 6 weeks ofadjustments that I had no more headaches. None. I follow my care plan. My success has all been through adjustments. No pain killers are needed and they did not help before. Dr. Strawniak is the reason I have no more headaches. " Abby F. 24 ***************************Dr. Strawniak and Town and Country Specific Chiropractic has given me back the ability to live my life comfortably after being in pain for years! It is so good to feel human again! I had back surgery prior to coming to T & C and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. As a lot of people with chronic pain, I became depressed - just trying to cope with it everyday was a struggle. I did not want to become addicted to pain meds, as I had seen so many patients lose all sense of reality just to cope. Due to increased tension and stress, due to my pain, I would leave work exhausted. I previously had tried shots, acupuncture and other chiropractic, with no relief. Foot and sciatic pain added to my problems.I first noticed that I could turn my head in both directions after the 2nd treatment with Dr. Strawniak. I do keep up with my adjustments- just hang in there and you can have your life back too! Thank you Dr. Strawniak and staff! Freda L. ***************************"Thanks to Town and Country Chiropratic, I now have full mobility of my neck and back and NO headaches at all after living with them on a daily basis. I have spine flexibility, NO pain and can get up off the floor with one hand, instead of using all fours.When I stumble I do not fall, and before I'd have gone down quickly. I was on strong pain killers consistently. Taking class and schooling, I was zoned out and not understanding. The pain was 24/7. After 2 years of headaches, immobility of muscles and lipoma I am now pain free! Dr. Strawniak properly diagnosed my issues where other professionals just guessed. The strong drugs that I was using kept me in a fog and made me unable to focus causing pressure in my head. My life has opened up and iN a whole new way. What a change! I thought there was no hope." Cathy K. 57 **************************"I had migraine headaches especially triggered by stress. After my 2nd treatment with Dr. Strawniak my headaches were going away. I don't have headaches now. I used to anticipate headaches coming on at times, which they would do previously, but they don't come on at all now. I used to take 6-8 painkillers a week. I don't take any painkillers now, thanks to Dr. Strawniak and Upper Cervical care! Previously, prior to a stressful meeting I would take something to PREVENT my headaches. Once I got them thery were hard to get rid of so I thought I'd better do something about it and I did! I came here. Because of the success I've found here, I tell others to try Town and Country Chiropractic." Paul H. 73 *************************I have always had low back trouble. I was doubtful about coming to T & C because the doctor always worked on the neck and upper cervical spine. I lived with lower back pain. After a number of adjustments and in the last two weeks, I've felt better than I have in a long time. Dr. Strawniak said that it will not be a quick fix. The larger and longer the nerve, the more time and attention it takes to repair it. I've been patient, according to the doctor's advise and now I come less often and I can hardly believe it myself! I am looking forward to that totally pain free time! It's coming myhway. John W. 74 ****************************"'Iíve been feeling great for the last 6 weeks since coming to Town and Country Chiropractic. I have had headaches and back problems for many years. Upper Cervical Chiropractic has helped me tremendously and especially Dr. Strawniak, who is just amazing. Within the first few weeks of coming I didn't have a lot of problems anymore. Everything was feeling better and this has been more of a permanent fix than before. Sometimes previously my adjustments didn't hold for a day or two. I can now turn my head with ease both ways. This is great!" Craig H. 58 *****************************"I'm feeling so much better! My father in law sent me because he was feeling so good. I was dealing with arthritis and lack of energy. I was patient and now come a couple of times a month. I was on prescription drugs for my arthritis but am managing now without them." Kay T. *****************************"I had polio when I was 6. My legs wouldn't work. I suffered the late effects of post polio syndrome. I had no confidence in walking and used crutches or a cane all the time. With the doctor working on m upper cervical, this has protected and refurbished the nerves that were in distress. One leg would drag all the time but now it doesn't drag. I felt better after several weeks of adjustments at Town and Country Chiropractic. Now I do not use my cane anymore. I have one kidney, a busted up leg and have had lower back surgery. Now I have NO pain. I feel better than I have for the last 15 years. I'm not doing anything different than coming to Dr. Strawniak. I can walk more now which gets me more exercise. I feel great!" Jim W. 61 *****************************"I came to Town and Country because everybody else had failed to treat my migraines effectively. I had a sinus operation that didn't help. The Pain Center said - they must be triggered by foods, msg, caffeine, citrus fruits, chocolate and more. They were to blame-. I had been treated for a whiplash problem. It might have been tolerable but it wasn't corrective care. June 2007 I had a headache for 13 days. My tears were constant. I was continually taking pain drugs and migraine meds. After the first treatment with Dr. Strawniak I knew this was different and a few days later I felt much better. Within weeks I didn't have a headache. In 22 years this had never been the case! I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 10 year ago. I think that the only reason I had so much pain and trauma is due to the stress of pain for so many years. It possibly triggered fibromyalgia. I have to work and a migraine was part of my daily life through work and every day life. The headaches made everything difficult. By feeling better through Dr. Strawniak's care I am not feeling debilitation. I cannot believe how good I feel! I think more clearly now, I can sleep better, I feel like a different person!Doc has given me my life back! " mma Sue H. 60 ************************"I came to Town and Country Chiropractic because of my knees and my hips. I was in pain and it felt like bone on bone.I now have no pain! I can walk up and down the stairs with much ease. My blood pressure came down 22 points in a few months. We've sent about 20 people who are very happy with the doctors treatment. My cardiologist suggested that I keep coming to Dr. Strawniak and not to quit." Mary Lou A. 68 **************************"I came to Town and Country because of my knees. I now have no knee problems and no pain. My blood pressure came down 30 points in a few months. I was having lower back problems. Now, it's much better. I had pain in my wrist and it is also much improved. Now, I feel good! Norm A. 69 ***************************Dr. Strawniak's claim to fame - SHE cares! Logan E. 9 *************************** Life with an Exceptional View Town and Country Specific Chiropractic Life with an Exceptional View Home Testimonials New Patient Forms About Us Please View Our Videos Location FAQ Contact Us Testimonials